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Your marketing messaging is the #1 most important factor in marketing success. I've helped over 280 businesses and entrepreneurs improve their messaging and can help you too.

Here's how your messaging audit will work:

  1. After you book your Zoom call, you'll send me three core pieces of your marketing material (For example: your website, a Facebook ad, and a newsletter email).
  2. I'll run your three pieces of marketing material through my checklist and give your messaging a score for each item on the list.
  3. During our Zoom call, I'll present your score and give you my recommendations on how to improve it.

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"Billy has returned 10X easily, probably more in terms of dollars. And that doesn’t even include quality of life and peace of mind.

Working with Billy is a no-brainer thing to do."

- Tiago Forte, founder of Building a Second Brain

"I hired Billy for a VIP Day. My brain was clogged after twenty years of working one-on-one with clients.

While I knew I had value, I couldn't find my way through my own messaging. Billy's direct help in implementing his 5 Lightbulbs process brought clarity to my mind and a human touch to my communication.

I’m now more confident and excited to launch my book.”

- Adam Chapman, founder of YesMoney financial planning