Fractal Thinking is a term I use to describe a way of looking at the world. You see, the world lays itself out fractally, so it makes sense to align our thinking to be fractal.

When we do so, we go with the flow.

This way of viewing the world is unnatural for most of us. In our modern day, we have a more linear view of reality. For me, when the fractal concept clicked, I never looked at the world the same again.

But is Fractal Thinking useful? Can it help us? Absolutely.

Fractal Thinking can help you solve thorny problems and reveal opportunities you previously missed. This should come as no surprise as our biggest breakthroughs typically follow shining a light on our blind spots, and that's what Fractal Thinking does.

While anyone can benefit from Fractal Thinking, it's especially beneficial to businesses. The concept can be of tremendous help to business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators. These are people who need creative solutions to complex challenges, and that's where Fractal Thinking can assist mightily.

The Article Series

During November and December 2023, I wrote an email series through my newsletter,  Billy's Monday Lightbulb, that introduced Fractal Thinking. It was a useful exercise for me to clarify my thinking and flesh out this concept. My subscribers' response was overwhelmingly positive.

Given the response, I decided to post the series to my website so anyone can read it. You can find the seven part series below. Enjoy.

Part 1 - Introduction to Fractal Thinking

Part 2 - How I used Fractal Thinking to create a hit product

Part 3 - Fractal Thinking for revenue maximization

Part 4 - Fractal Thinking for customer research

Part 5 - Fractal Thinking for branding (subpart 1)

Part 6 - Fractal Thinking for branding (subpart 2)

Part 7 - Fractal Thinking for brand building (subpart 3)

Next steps

If you enjoyed the Fractal Thinking series, could you please share it? Simply grab the link for this page and either post it to social media or send directly to a colleague.

Finally, in order to further flesh out this concept and get more feedback, I'm looking to do public speaking on Fractal Thinking. Reach out if you're interested in having me present the concept to your group or company.

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Billy Broas is a messaging strategist who has been the brains behind top entrepreneurs. He's the creator of The Five Lightbulbs messaging framework.

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