Give Your Audience Lightbulb Moments on Sales and Marketing

Book me to speak to your audience and give them "aha" moments they'll thank you for. I speak on live stage, virtually, and as a podcast guest.

My top speaking topics are:

Topic 1) Clarify Your Marketing Message with The Five Lightbulbs

This is my signature talk, based around my popular messaging framework—The Five Lightbulbs.

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • The Five Lightbulbs you must turn on if you want customers to buy
  • Why customer empathy is everything
  • The key to creating stand-out messaging

Topic 2) Simple Marketing for Smart People

This talk is based on my book, Simple Marketing for Smart People.

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • How the curse of knowledge sabotages your marketing efforts
  • How to win customers without gimmicks, hype or hard selling
  • The one question you need to simplify your marketing efforts

Topic 3) Fractal Thinking for Better Decision Making

Want something different? You've never heard a talk like this. Fractals are everywhere—in nature, music, human behavior, and more. While much has been written about fractals, few have applied them to making better decisions.

Until now. 

I invented a term called Fractal Thinking to apply these amazing patterns to make better decisions. Read my Fractal Thinking article series right here.

In this talk, your audience will learn:

  • How Fractal Thinking leads to better decision making
  • The amazing world of fractals and how to spot them
  • How Fractal Thinking gives you an easier way to apply The 80/20 Rule

We can also discuss a blend of the topics above.

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