Billy Broas

I'm a copywriter, consultant, and creator of The Five Lightbulbs framework.

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After 10 years in the marketing space, I've come to learn the loudest voices often have the least to say; all while the low-key badasses master their crafts and achieve whiskey-clink wins behind closed doors.

That's Billy. He delivers Carl Sagan level genius with James Dean level cool.

- Ry Schwartz, copywriter and founder of Empire Engineering


building a second brain


Ali Abdaal

Billy has returned 10X easily, probably more in terms of dollars. And that doesn’t even include quality of life and peace of mind.

Working with Billy is a no-brainer thing to do.

Tiago Forte  

/ Building a Second Brain

I built Write of Passage on the back of Billy’s wisdom.

For years, he was my #1 marketing advisor, and the course wouldn’t be where it is today without him.

David Perell 

/ Write of Passage

By following Billy’s process, we had created a list of red hot buyers ready to convert.

So much so, the first product we launched using his process generated over 7 figures.

Matt Swan


Billy’s Five Lightbulbs framework allows you to focus on what’s important - and cut out all the crap.

Lux Narayan

/ Founder and CEO of StreamAlive

"I had a VIP day with Billy and it changed everything."

John Li

/ Co-Founder and CEO of VimCal

Is your Copywriting doing your product justice?

My gift is taking awesome but hard-to-explain products and explaining them in simple terms.

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Billy teaching copywriting at the
 elite M3 Marketing Mastermind

Ways I help

My approach to marketing is human, smart, and zero fluff.

Copywriting + Consulting

Work 1-on-1 and let me increase your sales.

Online Course

I packaged my marketing process into an online course called The Five Lightbulbs Method.


My first business book is hitting the shelves in 2024. The title is Simple Marketing for Smart People.

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